We had a few scorchers the other day (+45C), and the radio began to play up, turning off when i slowed down or cornering, it got to the point where it would just turn off and stay off. I saw a few places offering fixes but they wanted the stereo to be sent to them and charge $250. I  couldn’t believe that this issue would be so hard to fix, and I can use a soldering iron. I followed this guide to pulling out the stereo, its close enough the same for RHD cars.

Once i removed the unit, I removed all the screws on the tape player bit (this is the headunits main PCB) then removed the metal shielding, then i undid the 4 screws holding the tape player unit in and removed it. Now you should be able to see the PCB, you will notice a few surface mount resistors and transistors on the back right that are slightly brown, in my case one of them had desoldered itself. I came across this helpful topic, I noticed it was slightly wrong but same layout, so here is what i did:

Now i only resoldered the items in the red, and really only the three smaller resisters really needed to be done, but i was nearby and i thought i would do a click cleanup and resolder. Shes back in the car now and working again. And just to be sure its a hot day again and i have left it running for an hour or two.

So i would just like to put a note here, I cant help with any other issues as i haven’t had them. Also try this at your own risk and please don’t try it with a $20 soldering iron with a fat tip.