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Allow ASUSWRT AiProtection send emails via Google Apps or 3rd party SMTP

This is just a quick post to show how to make the asus wrt routers (for me the dsl-ac68U) send emails to non gmail domains, like google apps. I tried various things, like editing the email.conf and then editing asp … Continue reading

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Quick hack, Printrboard working with Arduino IDE and using stepper motors in own sketch.

This is a quick hack and slash to capture what i did and used to get this printrboard motor controllers working with the Arduino IDE Things you need to get started, Printrboard, USBTinyISP (or use an arduino to program (, … Continue reading

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The Pink Roadhouse – Oodnadatta Track Tyre pressure guide

This is the Oodnadatta Track Tyre pressure guide hand written by the late Adam Plate from the Pink Roadhouse. Or download the original PDF: tyre-pressure-pdf This file used to be located at . but they appear to have a broken site now. … Continue reading

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Land Rover Series and Perentie Kangaroo Logo.

Yes I am still alive, and i have today something a little different. I few months back i purchased an old 1962 Series Land Rover, heavily modified with a lot of parts form the Australian Military Perentie. When i was … Continue reading

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Nissan 2003 V35 / Infinity G35 No Radio and no climate AC controls BOSE.

We had a few scorchers the other day (+45C), and the radio began to play up, turning off when i slowed down or cornering, it got to the point where it would just turn off and stay off. I saw … Continue reading