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Nissan 2003 V35 / Infinity G35 No Radio and no climate AC controls BOSE.

We had a few scorchers the other day (+45C), and the radio began to play up, turning off when i slowed down or cornering, it got to the point where it would just turn off and stay off. I saw… Continue Reading →

Nissan Centrafuse Reversing System Plan.

Reversing system: So here are the plans for the Reversing sensors (actually more interested in having these on the front of the car). Basically we will need a few things: 1 . Device (Ebay link) Cost: $50 (will need two… Continue Reading →

Brainstorming dump on V35 and its indash screen.

Info i have found about modifying the Nissan V35 screen and gps system to allow Originally from: Hello, Today i pulled appart the TV tuner located in the boot! I have already done this mod, and put the RCA… Continue Reading →

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