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How to install the firmware update to M70003

*Please be aware there are a lot of M70003 copies out there now and these instructions will only work with the official original M70003. it does not work with the M003, M002, M0003, M703 etc.*

How to install the firmware update to the M70003 with Google marketplace.

So you want the market place or you want your M70003 to be more responsive.

At the moment there are a few known bugs, like volume buttons on top not working, battery indicator showing incorrectly, some clones also get DEMO writen on the screen.

Here is a video of what you can expect:

So how do you upgrade:
Easy, grab this file: M70003_Slatedroid1.3[1.7.4_base].zip

ONLY EXTRACT IT WITH 7ZIP (link) or things break.. AND IM SERIOUS. I didnt believe it i used winzip and winrar and they both broke parts of android.

Once extracted move the “script” folder to the root of the SD card

Reboot the Android M7003, you should see something like:

Wait until it tells you to remove the SD card, and remove the card.

At this point put the SD card in the PC and rename the “script” folder “scriptold”. This will stop it booting in future.

Configure the touch screen, The touch screen needs to be configured before you can use it.

To get to the Settings pannel Click:

To Scroll the Settings Window click and drag as below:

To Start the touchpad calibration click:

To get youtube application working download and install: com.wmt.tudouwidget.apk

Only known issue i can see at this point is the Volume up and down buttons are not working. I had a play but as i have flashed my iped i am unable to get the settings to replicate it.

Other Files: An Original Dump (M7003_Sys_dump.tar)


Thanks to the folks at Slatedroid for building the new firmware (link)

Thanks to iamgame for the dump of the original M70003 System Directory (link)

Thanks to 9AuM for the new rom with the changed Scriptcmd. (link)

If the marketplace stops downloading here is how you fix it:

There is a weird bug in the market app. You need to clear the data in goggle apps before a new d/l will work.
Try this:
Best way I’ve found to D/L apps in market.

Go into Market find and start D/l of app you want, it will just sit there at starting d/l. That’s ok for now just find the next app you want and start a d/l on it. Repeat until you have all the apps you want.

Now cancel all the D/l you started.

Exit the market.

Go into setttings, manage applications and clear data in Goggle apps.

Exit settings

Go back into market Login again and into D/L tab
Find the largest app and start the d/l. It should start.
While the d/l is still going on start the rest of the apps D/l.

You can start another d/l as long as another app is still d/l. It’s like once the Market thinks it’s done with d/l’s it’s screwed up and won’t start another. But as long as one app is is in d/l you can start another.


  1. Rhys


    Nice work on the TUT. I still have all the original software on my M70003 and I never use it because its slow and unresponsive.

    What benefit is this software? Thanks


    • admin

      It is much faster and responsive but i would wait a while it still has a few bugs (for example the battery doesnt seem to want to charge fully). And it gives you access to the android application store.

  2. es

    Flash went ok, but the words “Demo Purpose Only” still appears in upper left corner. Any way of getting rid of this?

  3. Rhys

    I installed it last night and it is quite a bit better, But it started going haywire and trying to install hundreds on applications, I have reflashed it and it seem to be ok.

    Either way its alot better than it was, the tablet is still crap, but at least it is usable now.

    It still hardly plays videos and youtube is still really laggy.

    Any fix for that?

  4. Chad

    Is there a software overclocking utility? From my understaning the Via chip is clocked way down to preserve the crappy battery. I plan on replacing mine and would like to see if I can get some better video playback,

    • admin

      I think this firmware actually sets it back to stock.. but i havent seen an overclock utility mabe on the android marketplace.

  5. Angelus


    I installed it and work fine with youtube but the annoying message appeared in the middle of device with black background ” Demo Version has been expired ” . So when i open videos or youtube files i can see them well this message come in front of videos.

    plz help me to delete this message or at least return it to previous setting.
    previously the message ” Demo purpose only ” appeared in the top left corner but now in the middle with black background

    thanks in advanced


  6. Installed update tonight, runs smoothly after screen recalibration.
    However it can’t seem to lock onto my wireless network. Any ideas ? Also is it possible to download apps to the SD card and then install ? (i.e. without the network running).

    Thanks in advance !

    • admin

      Try turning off wireless and back on. And yes you can put apk ‘s onto an SD card and use th PK manager (click menu then install) to install them

  7. Patrick

    So, now I have the “Demo version has expired” problem.
    How do I use the original dump to get back the original firmware?
    Do I have to create a script folder?

  8. thomas

    I am in need of help real bad lol I down loaded the zip and the slatedriod I dont know how to extract our move it to the root been trying for almost 2hrs and the book that comes with dont tell you nothen
    plz.s help Im sure You can tell me how in 2 sec.
    Thank You
    Please If any one can help

  9. Brian

    I just purchased one of these and followed your steps to root it. I unzipped with 7zip and it started to load just as you explained. However, when it got to the point were it tells you to remove the sd card the tablet powered off and will not turn back on. I guess its shot or is there a way to fix it? Thank you for any help in advance.

    • admin

      Thats not good, but if i remember right you can plug the tablet into a PC and hopefully turn it on :S Maybe thats your salvation. check . Also maybe wait 4 hours or so before doing anything in case its still on and hasn’t turned off correctly. 4 hours should run the battery flat.

  10. CJ

    Update went great! but cant turn on wi-fi. What can I do?

    Thanks for the help in advance

  11. Tom Moogan

    Hi there. Just picked up the Orphan M800, which is (from what I understand) identical to the M70003.

    It came pre-loaded with Android 1.7.4 build and I’m wondering two things if you can help.

    I can’t get my PC to recognize it. It came with a mini-CD. Is that necessary?

    Second, is there anyway to get AVI files to play on it?

    Thanks and hope all is well.


  12. Mike

    Thank you so much. I just got the device yesterday, installed a widget and got stuck in an endless boot loop. Here’s to hoping this fixes it!

  13. Brian Sargent

    Thanks for the feedback. I couldn’t get it to power back on. I checked slatedroid with no luck. If anyone has had similar problems or knows how to fix I appreciate it.

  14. SnowDogNZ

    Hey, may I ask where you bought your M70003 from so I don’t end up with a bad device?


  15. Andrew

    Ok, I did everything your instructions say. It’s Great. But:
    I turned my device off last night, and try turning it back on, and its been just with the SlateDroid logo and a loading bar for the last 25 minutes. Any help?


  16. Battery sick.Demo sick. 1.7.4 is sick.Admin you idiot…Battery is open for 15 min and write DEMO at the middle of screen…FUCK YOU ADMIN

    • admin

      I didnt make you do it. Its do at your own risk, obviously it worked for me you musnt have a legitimate m70003

  17. sandra

    Hi,would you recommend m7003 or m002 ?
    i want to get one of these,but not sure what the difference between them is,been looking on ebay,but looks like most sellers just copy&paste description from each other.
    Thank you.

  18. Shamelessbill

    Got mine working now but screen is still acting weird, really hard to get to calibrate or settings. Any new updates or FW available?

  19. dustin

    do not update your m70003 with this BS, alot of your function will stop working. I cant hold a charge longer than 30 mins now lets see here NO THE MARKET DOESNT WORK you have to use third part sites. volume doesnt work. it changes the button from just being the back button to now menu which horrible. when you are in a window and want to get back you CANT you have to go to desktop which crashes every time it might run a little fast but it really sucks dont do this. also good luck trying to get the old firmware back on I cannot find it and the links are dead at the top so im screwed so dont do it..

  20. dustin

    I did they dont have the origina,l they say its the stock one but people have discovered that it is the updated one I might have found a fix i let people know when my internet stops sucking and I can download it. here is the link if anybody want to go ahead

  21. steveb05

    I just wanted to say thanks for your time and effort. The hardware still sucks, the battery issue makes it about useless as a portable, but when plugged in, it can be used now where before…I was ready to find some poor smuck to give it to 🙂

    Your instructions were dead on…thanks again.

  22. Labovski

    There’s a supposedly legitimate firmware for the M70003 at SlateDroid:

    The firmware that Dustin linked to is not for the M70003 but for Eken 003. So don’t use it unless you have such a machine.

    • admin

      Thanks for that i didnt see the link as they restructured the forums. I have got the file i will give it a go tonight thanks again.

  23. pauls

    Got mine working fine, still have demo version expired and battery not lasting long, can you help anyone please?

  24. Andrew

    Got it now. Working great. But camera app not there, how to fix?

    Good job on the FW though,

  25. Andrew has an Ebay store and thats where I got my Anken M70003 Apad from….It was about $100.00 plus another $20.00 to ship….took about two weeks to get it……BTW you have to be useing winXP to do the download or it will screw everything up……

  26. DJ Belieny

    Great update as it made my m70003 much faster, however my wifi stopped working and I get an “unable to start wifi” message. any help on this would be very appreciated since I would not find any info in the slatedroid forums.

  27. Ed

    Admin…THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! I experimented with various other programs/ROM’s to no avail. Finally, something that worked. Nothing can be perfect, but this software is at least very useable.

  28. miles

    I just updated with the link u provided and gotta say…..awesome…..everything works even you tube…my friend has the same MID70003 and it started freezing up..all we did was reflash it over again and now its doing great….thnx guys…great job!!!!

  29. Senee

    I was able to get this to work until it rebooted . Now the toolbar at the bottom keeps flashing I get a message saying the Activity Home isn’t responding and a box at the top center saying Ringer Volume off won’t go away.. What do I do?

    Thanks so much for the help!

  30. HMK

    My tablet was stuck. It kept looping while booting, not being able to get to the homescreen. I installed this firmware, and now I can use it again…and it works faster then the original firmware.
    Thank you very much!

  31. Senee

    I think I’ve broken it and don’t know how to fix it. I chose the option under SD card settings to restore to factory settings. I tried rebootin,g and it did everything up to asking me to remove the SD card, then it’s just stuck on the loading screen in the beginning. Even when I turn it off and back on again it dies this. Do you know what I can do to fix it?

  32. HMK

    Addition to my prior post:
    My battery originally lasted 1 hour…which wasn’t really good. But with this new firmware it only lasts 15 minuts, which is even worse. Any plans on fixing this bug and if so…when can we expect it ready for download?

  33. steve

    I have a m70003:
    model number: slatedroid 1.3
    firmware version: 1.6
    kernel version: 2.6.29-00236-g48dbbb-dirty
    build number: 1.7.4

    My question is this, is there a newer/better firmware version I can flash to? System still seems slow and can’t get WiFi to stay connected more than 3 or 4 minutes.

    I’m trying to get this unit setup for my wife for Christmas.
    Thanks for your suggestions.

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