*Please be aware there are a lot of M70003 copies out there now and these instructions will only work with the official original M70003. it does not work with the M003, M002, M0003, M703 etc.*

How to install the firmware update to the M70003 with Google marketplace.

So you want the market place or you want your M70003 to be more responsive.

At the moment there are a few known bugs, like volume buttons on top not working, battery indicator showing incorrectly, some clones also get DEMO writen on the screen.

Here is a video of what you can expect:

So how do you upgrade:
Easy, grab this file: M70003_Slatedroid1.3[1.7.4_base].zip

ONLY EXTRACT IT WITH 7ZIP (link) or things break.. AND IM SERIOUS. I didnt believe it i used winzip and winrar and they both broke parts of android.

Once extracted move the “script” folder to the root of the SD card

Reboot the Android M7003, you should see something like:

Wait until it tells you to remove the SD card, and remove the card.

At this point put the SD card in the PC and rename the “script” folder “scriptold”. This will stop it booting in future.

Configure the touch screen, The touch screen needs to be configured before you can use it.

To get to the Settings pannel Click:

To Scroll the Settings Window click and drag as below:

To Start the touchpad calibration click:

To get youtube application working download and install: com.wmt.tudouwidget.apk

Only known issue i can see at this point is the Volume up and down buttons are not working. I had a play but as i have flashed my iped i am unable to get the settings to replicate it.

Other Files: An Original Dump (M7003_Sys_dump.tar)


Thanks to the folks at Slatedroid for building the new firmware (link)

Thanks to iamgame for the dump of the original M70003 System Directory (link)

Thanks to 9AuM for the new rom with the changed Scriptcmd. (link)

If the marketplace stops downloading here is how you fix it:

There is a weird bug in the market app. You need to clear the data in goggle apps before a new d/l will work.
Try this:
Best way I’ve found to D/L apps in market.

Go into Market find and start D/l of app you want, it will just sit there at starting d/l. That’s ok for now just find the next app you want and start a d/l on it. Repeat until you have all the apps you want.

Now cancel all the D/l you started.

Exit the market.

Go into setttings, manage applications and clear data in Goggle apps.

Exit settings

Go back into market Login again and into D/L tab
Find the largest app and start the d/l. It should start.
While the d/l is still going on start the rest of the apps D/l.

You can start another d/l as long as another app is still d/l. It’s like once the Market thinks it’s done with d/l’s it’s screwed up and won’t start another. But as long as one app is is in d/l you can start another.