I am not entirely sure why but i thought i would give Windows 8 a go.

I stupidly upgraded my current windows 7 install rather then a fresh installation or a dual boot. First thing is, I use dual monitors and i was excited to see two start bars, I expected that they would work like several aftermarket applications where monitor 1 would show up on monitor 1’s start bar, and same with monitor 2. HOWEVER in Microsofts wisdom both task bars show the same thing… E.G:

If your a power user you would hit Windows + D to get to your desktop, well this actually even makes the secondary task bar disappear, what a crock of shit.

Come to think about it a lot of this operating system laughs in the face of power users. These new applications in the metro interface, the only way to get rid of them is to grab the top of the screen and drag it down, I literally had to google how to do that, there was no instructions and its not second nature to do this with a mouse. Another example is the windows login screen, there is a picture of some tower and the time;

I literally sat here for 3 minutes going “WTF is happening now”, only to find out you click on it to get to the login screen.

The next major issue i had was Messenger that is in the metro interface, it doesnt show who is online or offline and you can only chat to one person full screen at a time, (I am used to the multiple chat windows of windows live messenger / MSN). I uninstalled this app and went to go and use Windows Live messenger, however Windows live messenger doesnt run, it opens up the login screen and freezes and sometimes you will get a user list, but it will be un usable.

I thought that it was because I uninstalled messenger, however following the tutorials from Microsoft to reinstall messenger it appears the Australian Windows 8 store doesn’t have the messenger app, so if you uninstall it its gone for good rite now.

If you want to fix the messenger freezing with windows 8 you will need to right click on the Windows live messenger application, go to properties and choose compatibility. In there select windows 7 compatibility mode, and run this program as an administrator.

and messenger should run again like you would expect, IT appears once you have done this once messenger will the run all the time, even if you turn compatibility off.

There were other things that are shitting me on windows 8, it feels like they asked “what do power uses use a lot” and changed them to something more PG.

All the above issues i have found in about 2 hours of having Windows 8, I will give it a week, maybe there is awesomeness in this windows 8, however i am yet to see it. But if your thinking of moving to windows 8, I would honestly look at installing it as a dual boot and not upgrading, as once your at windows 8 there is NO un upgrading back to windows 7.