A few weeks ago I heard Supanova mentioned by a friend, investigating further I found out Christopher Lloyd was attending. After umming and arring about it for a few days i decided hell lets do it. We had just come back from an expensive holiday to Brisbane so i didnt really have the funds to be doing it, but i grabbed some cheap tickets with Tiger airways and decided to go for it. Now unfortunatly for me Christopher Lloyd pulled out at the last minute due to a job offer (cant blame him). I decided to attend anyway.

Plane flight to Melbourne was fine, a bit squashy on Tiger but nothing really to complain about (May i just say right here that im a Qantas fanboy). Landed in Melbourne just shy of 8AM and decided to eat a healthy breckfast… from KrispyKreme.

Supanova 2011 Melbourne - Breakfast  Before

Once we had finished our healthy meal we decided to grab a taxi and go straight to the Melbourne Showgrounds. Every other time i have been to Melb I have caught the SkyBus which is quick and cheap $24is for a return to melb and back to the airport. But as I have had bad experiences with the tram network and understanding where a tram goes i decided to grab a taxi. We must have got the craziest taxi driver, doing 140+ on the freeway changing lanes with no indication (Reminded me of myself and how i would drive if taxi driving were my job). But ~$50/30mins later we get to the show ground in one peace. SupaNova line up time, and im sure i spent 80% of the day in various lines.

Supanova 2011 Melbourne - The Line

Funnily enough the pre paid line was longer then the pay line. The line standing was far from boring however  you would meat and see all kinds of characters and weirdo’s (no offence intended) on their way up. Supanova also gave anyone in power a megaphone which meant you constantly had someone shouting payouts at someone.

Supanova 2011 Melbourne - Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

After lining up for about 1 hour we got let back in then lead outside to another line, this time for the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Panel (The guys from Hot Fuzz). This was an amazing experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect and i must say it was a hillarious and informative session, about two guys who do what they love. Only critisism here was that it was next to impossible to get an autograph, long lines and not much instruction on where to go.

Supanova 2011 Melbourne - Delorean - logo

Once out of there i headed straight to my number 1 priority.. The Back to the Future 3 Delorean, Not the actual one from the movies, but a fan made replica from a real Delorean. This thing was amazing, its is the marrige of three of my loves automobiles, sci-fi and computer/electrics. This thing was great. I still cant get over i got to sit in it. I could rant on about it all day but here is a quick thumbnail selection of my shots.

Supanova 2011 Melbourne - Holy Shit im driving the Back To The Future DeloreanSupanova 2011 Melbourne - Holy Shit im driving the Back To The Future DeloreanSupanova 2011 Melbourne - Delorean - GaugesSupanova 2011 Melbourne - Delorean - Mr fusion close upSupanova 2011 Melbourne - Delorean RearSupanova 2011 Melbourne - Back to the future - Delorean Props

Supanova 2011 Melbourne - Delorean - FrontSupanova 2011 Melbourne - Delorean - logoSupanova 2011 Melbourne - Delorean Mr Fusion

I wont ramble on for much longer, but i will just mention a few of the great outfits people wore:
Supanova 2011 Melbourne - Wonder Woman and Circuscat

Wonder Women and my other half, This girl was great and really happy to lend herself to a photo.

Supanova 2011 Melbourne - Star trek girls + 1 tribble.

Star trek girls with their little tribble, another great bunch of girls, happy to stand in the same spot for hours whilst people take photos of them.

Supanova 2011 Melbourne - The TardisSupanova 2011 Melbourne - The Doctor and Doctor jr

The girl dressed up in the tardis was one of the bounciest and happiest people i have met in a while. and on the other side you had the doctor and his little doctor brother.. haha cute, and i dont say that often.

Supanova 2011 Melbourne - Star Wars - Storm trouper and HOT storm trouperJPG
Hot storm trouper can i say much more? Apart from what a great getup.

Supanova 2011 Melbourne - Harry Potter - Belatrix the strangeSupanova 2011 Melbourne - Scott Pilgrim vs world - Romona Flowers

Harry Potters Belatrix the strange and Romona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs the world. Both great costumes and are dead ringers for the originals.

Supanova 2011 Melbourne - Battle Star - Cylon - Boomer/SharonSupanova 2011 Melbourne - Batman - Joker and Catwomen

Another set of fantastic getups, Boomer/ Sharon from Battle Star Galactica and the Joker and Cat women. Just amazing detail on those costumes.


After spending from 9am-2pm at supanova I had enough of fighting the crowd and lining up for stuff so we decided to jump on a tram and head to melbourne. Apparently most of Supanova had the same idea, the tram was packed and we couldnt even get to the ticket machine, so now were fare evaders. Once in Melbourne we went to federation square where my other half went to the ACMI (Australian center of the moving image) to see a Disney exhibition. I sat down and grabbed a beer, nachos and surfed the net. Was a great way to end the day. I noticed a storm on its way in so i grabbed the other half and headed back to the airport. To be greated with Tiger airways being their normal out of control unorganised 4 flights departing from the same gate self. Luckily this time we were only delayed by 1 hour (lucky because thats almost how long the line took to the security metal detectors).

Overall it was a great experience, pitty Christopher Lloyd couldnt come down and the event had a slight feeling it couldn’t cope with the number of people.  But it was great everyone was friendly, staff were great, wide range of exhibits, congrats. And Tiger is what you expect from a shitty budget airline.

I was unable to show every image i took, why not have a gander at my flickr set here.

Supanova 2011 Melbourne - Holy Shit im driving the Back To The Future Delorean

Oh and BTW I got to sit in a mother flipping Back To The Future 3 Delorean, where we’re going we don’t need roads.