Well here is another short update.


I have been painting the main bedroom lately and its looking good. I had a problem where the door frame had been stained by water based stain. so when i painted with my water based undercoat it appeared fine but then 30 minutes later the undercoat was yellow. With no help from bunnings staff i found an oil based undercoat, and sprayed that on and its stopped the stain, next step.. paint.


This is our new stovetop, I wanted this one the first time i went and saw it but it was 1400 which is almost double what the whole gas oven cost, so i went oin to look at others, then the other day at about 4:55 before the good guys closed i stopped in to check the other cooktops and this one was on sale (last one left) for $800 i haggled a bit and got him down to 700, so here she is 😉