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How to install the firmware update to M70003

*Please be aware there are a lot of M70003 copies out there now and these instructions will only work with the official original M70003. it does not work with the M003, M002, M0003, M703 etc.* How to install the firmware… Continue Reading →

Windows RunAs and manual refresh.

So you have finally got fed up of hitting F5 everytime you create / delete / rename / move a file.  Unfortunatly thereis no fix. You can open an unpriv cmd and a priv cmd and end task explorer.exe Now… Continue Reading →

Fringe 2010 poster competition.

This is my entry to the 2010 fringe poster competition, what does everyone think? (footer is just there for show, printed version wont have the logos). For those interested here are some trials, inspiration etc. Its going to the print tomorrow so… Continue Reading →


Well we have almost finished painting everything but the bathroom, and it is decal time. Here are a few i have grabbed along the way along with a few i just recently purchased. Hopefully these will fit in. Will take… Continue Reading →

Painted doorway and bar doors ;)

Well here we are have finished the bar doors and mounted and i reckon they look awesome, not just to paint that walk in wardrobe, mount the shelving, and paint the ceiling and were done. Before: After:

Room painting and new stovetop.

Well here is another short update. I have been painting the main bedroom lately and its looking good. I had a problem where the door frame had been stained by water based stain. so when i painted with my water… Continue Reading →

New Doors to our Walk in Wardrobe.

I was worried about the wardrobe getting rid of light into the main bedroom, (it was 1/4 built by the previous owner so i thought i would finish it off) but it takes up a window. Then i saw these… Continue Reading →

Cool Ethernet wall points + Retrofitting

Afternoon all, Just had a few people interested in my new Ethernet wiring and i thought i would share what I’m doing and where its all from etc. Things i have already; 4RU data cabinet (got this for$40 from an… Continue Reading →

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