Head tracking 3D using a WII mote

Friend let me know about this via (http://whitington.net/?p=16) Thats pretty cool, and I cant wait for the new Xbox 360 Kinect to be used in a situation like this, more precise hopefully. 3D glasses can kiss my butt 😉

Initial prototype of CarPC

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The 3M 7″ Capacitive touch overlay finally arrived. All I can say is I’m sure 90% of the cost of shipping went into the ridiculously large packing, but its in one piece and is sweet. So here is a mock-up So we have VGA to composite … Continue reading

Brainstorming dump on V35 and its indash screen.

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Info i have found about modifying the Nissan V35 screen and gps system to allow Originally from: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/diy-Put-A-v-Input-350g-t184366.html&hl=REMOTE&st=180# Hello, Today i pulled appart the TV tuner located in the boot! I have already done this mod, and put the RCA … Continue reading