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Time Lapse.Ideas & info

Recently i have been playing with time lapse photography, Unfortunatly my Sony Nex 5 doesnt support timelapse out of the box and the IR port tends to be a bit troublesome (Misses ptake a shot commands from a timelapse remote)…. Continue Reading →

Ipad 2 and live TV / Foxtel streaming

I thought i would just write up a quick post about something I have been playing with tonight with my new Ipad 2. You may have seen my previous video on youtube: In this video i showed the basic setup… Continue Reading →

My green server/NAS review has gone online.

For the last few weeks i was working on a NAS review/guide focusing on a low power but high processing power server, that could take the place of 3 machines i currently use at home, (The web server, the file… Continue Reading →

Head tracking 3D using a WII mote

Friend let me know about this via ( Thats pretty cool, and I cant wait for the new Xbox 360 Kinect to be used in a situation like this, more precise hopefully. 3D glasses can kiss my butt 😉

Cheap but functional ITX NAS (Brainstorm)

So here is a quick brainstorm of a replacement of my server. It needs to be pretty functional (web hosting maybe ESXi) it also needs at least 4 hdd bays.  I plan on doing a full review and article based… Continue Reading →

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